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 Discover how to Multiply website traffic and profits for years to come with valuable Expired Domains

Thousands of great domain names become available for registration everyday... and theyre up for grabs right now!

Read this page to discover how to get your hands on a revolutionary piece of software that lets you find and manage your own secret list of expired domains. But first a few Domain name facts...

                                                                                                               Fact Number 1. A short and memorable domain name can go a very long way towards the success of your website, even before it is even open to public view. A good domain name will simply be the best branding tool for your online business.

Fact Number 2. Many people are now making a small fortune, or rather a Large fortune buying, using and selling quality domains. Domain brokers know that a good domain name is the most valuable piece of internet realestate today!

Fact Number 3. One of the most effective new ways to boost targeted traffic and instantly increase your Search Engine link popularity is to stake a claim on a previously owned domain name. Yep, the secret is out! For just a few dollars you can register a name that already appears in the searchengines and already has other sites linking to it. You can send this traffic anywhere you want. Its almost unbelievable, targeted website traffic for free from day one!

Its true.everyone can do this. So what exactly is an Expired domain?

Its quite simple really. Companies go out of business, the owners forget to renew their domains, lose interest or just change their focus. Because of these reasons thousands of domain names expire everyday and become available again for the first time in years. Best of all, those great domains are up for anyone to grab at will. It's pure gold just waiting to be discovered!

The trick is knowing exactly how to find and recover these lost golden nuggets... Right? Well, don't worry... The solution is at hand, and it's called the StatusExpired Software Suite.
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This new application contains an array of professionally-designed tools that allow you to quickly penetrate deep into the web to locate valuable domain names that have expired, and lets you easily grab them with just a few clicks of your mouse.

The StatusExpired Software Suite is really lots of programs in one! Many other software sellers have separated these functions into different programs, but our StatusExpired Software Suite combines them all into one program!

Here's a quick overview of the tools you'll get with StausExpired...
StatusExpired web explorer:

Easily locate expired domain names while you surf the web! Simply run this application instead of your regular web browser... and surf the web as you usually do. StatusExpired Domain Software will be running in the background, actively checking each page you visit for links and related domain names and creating a list of domain names that are available for you to grab.

Finding valuable expired domain names just doesn't get any easier than this. Period. You surf and research stuff on the web every day... so why not optimize your surfing time using this powerful tool? Start browsing with it TODAY.

Domain names generator:

This smart tool will take a keyword you enter and instantly flip-flop it around with more than 1,500 prefixes and suffixes... and generate TONS of different domain names based in the words you want.

After all the domain names are generated, StatusExpired will create lists that sort out the generated names (high, mid and low profile) and instantly start checking the availability of each name you created. In a few short minutes you'll have in your hands a big list of domain names you can choose from. We have used this feature alone to find and register dozens of killer domains!

Short domain checking tool:

Select this option with a click of your mouse and StatusExpired will instantly check the availability of any two, three and four letter domain names. If it finds any, it will alert you about it and let you register it with a mouseclick!

Google & Yahoo expired domains search:

Type in a keyword or a search term related to your industry and select the number of results that should be checked for you. StatusExpired Domain Software will then list the top websites in the Google and Yahoo results and check each domain for availability... Hit just one of these and you'll have a gold mine!

Dictionary-based domain creation tool:

A super-powerful tool that generates hundreds of domain names based on lists of words. We provide you with over 30 different dictionaries and word lists to use, or you can use your own to generate even more domains. All you need to do is load a list of words (as a text file) and StatusExpired will check each word with every available domain extension to see which ones are available to register... Fantastic isn't it?

Whats even more fantastic is that you can get this software right now for just $54.95. Dont pay up to $119 or more for software that provides only 2 or 3 of the features mentioned above.  It takes just minutes to download from our server and will be yours to use again and again. The size of this software is approximately 10 mb. Click Here to Order

Our Guarantee to all of our Customers. Dont forget that all of our products come with a No Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Return it for any reason and we will refund 100% of payment as soon as possible!

only $54.95

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